Rosenlund x Somervuori

Made in Finland

Collection is made in Tampere, Finland. Organic cotton and cotton satin come from Finland, Portugal and Estonia. Printed in Finland.

  • Pink View Skirt
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    Pink View Skirt

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  • Unisex fit

    All our clothes are genderless.

  • Headcase Hoodie
    Headcase Hoodie

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  • designer artwear

    Collection is designed by fashion designer Lauri Järvinen in collaboration with visual artists Kukka-Maria Rosenlund and Kim Somervuori.

  • Pink View Bomber Jacket
    Pink View Bomber Jacket

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  • Purposeful

    Our mission is to support art and create captivating garments in collaboration with the artists whose work we admire. 

  • Pink View T-Shirt - Pispala Clothing
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    Pink View T-Shirt

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  • Credits

    Fashion designer - Lauri Järvinen

    Pink View artwork - Kukka-Maria Rosenlund

    Headcase artwork - Kim Somervuori

    Art photography - Liisa Mäkinen

    Product photography - Jussi Palojärvi