ilves x pispala x ville pirinen

Collaborative collection with Ilves Hockey, our local ice hockey team. We share a sense of community and limitless love of locality and creativity.

origin story

"The association ignited when I was browsing through an album cover book with a picture of a compilation album by Elvis, Gold Records 2. Elvis is posing on the cover in his golden suit with the text '50 000 000 Elvis Fans Can't be wrong'. As an experience, sports and music fandom are not very far apart from each other. In addition it came to me that Ilves is an anagram of Elvis." -Ville Pirinen

  • Ilves-Elvis Hoodie
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    Ilves-Elvis Hoodie

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  • goal

    We wanted to create a premium quality supporter product collection, with strong local imprint that exceeds all the lines and brings together lovers or art, design and/or sports. The idea was that anyone can wear them, whether it be a game or a night out.

  • Ilves-Elvis beanie
    Ilves-Elvis beanie


  • Ilves-Elvis College Sweater
    Ilves-Elvis College Sweater

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  • ville pirinen

    Ville Pirinen has been working in the fields of illustration, visual art and music since the early dawn of the 90's. He feels at home in the margins of art and one might occationally encounter his works in the pages of publications with relatively large distribution or in album covers of reasonably popular bands.

  • Ilves-Elvis Look Earrings
    Ilves-Elvis Look Earrings


  • genderless

    We design without looking at customer's age, sexuality, gender or social status. Our aim is to lower the gap between genders by designing only unisex fit products.

  • Ilves-Elvis Pocket T
    Ilves-Elvis Pocket T

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  • Ilves-Elvis Crop T
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    Ilves-Elvis Crop T

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  • ethical production

    We choose our prodution partners and materials carefully. Clothes are made in Portugal with Black Moda Oy in Tampere from certified 100% organic cotton. Wool beanies are made from mulesing free 100% merino wool with Nevertex in Yli-Ullava. The earrings are cut & printed by Lasercut Studio in Helsinki and Elina from Faktoria assembles them for us in Tampere.

  • Ilves-Elvis Pose earrings
    Ilves-Elvis Pose earrings


  • Ilves-Elvis Dress
    Ilves-Elvis Dress

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  • Credits

    Fashion designer - Lauri Järvinen

    Ilves-Elvis artwork - Ville Pirinen

    Art photography - Jimi Soinila

    Product photography - Jussi Palojärvi