We constitute an art loving trinity to unite fascinating visual artists with ethical fashion designs, thus introducing a new purposeful way to create inspiring artwear. As a brand, we evolve and transform alongside our artwork creators and do our best to provide responsibly produced, high-quality garments.

Our uniqueness hails from the genuine passion to support art and create captivating garments in collaboration with the artists whose work we admire. We wholeheartedly hope you connect with our mindset and take part in the delivery of our mission.

10% of Pispala’s sales will end up in the artists' pockets.

The roots

are entrenched in the unique, artistic and communal soil of the Pispala area in Tampere, Finland. Pispala's history, together with its colourful wooden houses, stunning scenery and buoyant underground scene, inspires us every day.

We have grown up with and been influenced by extraordinary creative individuals and groups. Now it is time to pass that creativity and inspiration forward in a way that defines us. 

Pispala Clothing is a combination of passion, purpose and professionalism guided by our core values: art, happiness and identity.



Onni Ikonen, CEO

Leena Haldin, Creative Director

Lauri Järvinen, Head of Design