EGS is a mysterious Helsinki-based graffiti anthropologist who started his journey in the mid 1980s being inspired by the first wave of Finnish graffiti scene. He operates during day and night time and his idea behind the Day and Night patterns was to create a camouflage for each time of the day.

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    Day Hoodie

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    Night Hoodie

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  • Multitalented artist Ninni lives and works in Pispala, Tampere and describes herself as a primitive entertainer. The cephalopods of Ninni Luhtasaari are intuitive and confused. They have to adapt themselves to awkward moments and bodily emotions. These creatures blur the fabricated line between humans and animals.

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    Unbothered Moisturized T-shirt

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    My Worms, My Friends Hoodie

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  • pispala x kiasma

    The collection is created in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki. Luhtasaari's and EGS's works can be found from the art collection of Kiasma.

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    Liberty T-shirt

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  • Genderless philosophy

    We design without looking at customer's age, sexuality, gender or social status. Our aim is to lower the gap between genders by designing only unisex fit products.

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    Wiggle the Flame Shorts

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    Night Sweatpants

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  • made in Portugal

    The collection is made in Portugal with Black Moda Oy. All the materials are high quality and certified 100% organic cotton.

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    The Last Strawberry T-shirt

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    Our mission is to support art and create captivating garments in collaboration with the artists whose work we admire. 10% of our product sales goes always to the collaborating artist.

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    Day Sweatpants

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  • Credits

    Artwork - Ninni Luhtasaari & EGS

    Fashion designer - Lauri Järvinen

    Art photography - Sami Sänpäkkilä

    Product photography - Jussi Palojärvi